12 Computer Shopper site, main, pocketpc, pocket pc
Vocabulary Problems: search on "PocketPC" returns no results
12 DrugStore.com site, main, tilenol
Vocabulary Solutions: search on "Tilenol" returns "Tylenol"
14 Utah State Archives site, main
Name Authority Files
14 Library of Canada site, main
Classification Schemes: Dewey Decimal in action, look for "computer science"
15 Thesaurus.com site, main, bungler
Search for "bungler"
15 Art & Architecture Thesaurus site, main, browse, styles and periods, dark ages
Look for "dark ages" (styles and periods)
15 MeSH site, main, vitamin c
Search for "vitamin c" leads to "ascorbic acid"
18 ERIC Search Wizard site, main, distance learning
High Visibility: "Distance learning" leads to "distance education"
18 DrugStore.com site, main, tilenol
Low Visibility: Search on "Tilenol" returns "Tylenol"
18 Bitpipe site, main, PDA, Personal Digital Assistants
Subtle Integration: PDA to Personal Digital Assistants (Thesaural Browser)
40 WordNet site, main, Use Online, search, pitch
Lexical Database: Search for "pitch"
40 SimpliFind site, main, pitch drop-down menu, pitch display
Query Disambiguation: Search for "pitch"
40 PlumbDesign site, main, pitch - 2D display, pitch - 3D display, pitch - auto navigate display
Visual Thesaurus: Search for "pitch"
43 Semio site, main
Hierarchy Generation
43 Newsmaps site, main, business news, Nokia search results, CNN news article
Select business news and try specific search
54 Vanguard Index site, main, asset transfer
"Account transfer" see "asset transfer"
86 MIRLYN site, main, keyword search form, keyword results, subject search form, subject search finds different result
Library Catalog: Search for "soil purification standards" (keyword, subject)
89 Art & Architecture Thesaurus site, main, browse, styles and periods, organizations

91 Yahoo site, main, computers and internet

92 ASIS Thesaurus site, main, expandable, document types, fields and disciplines