Education and Training Needs for Information Architects

March 1, 2001

The ACIA received 241 responses to this survey, which ran from February 9 through February 21, 2001.

Survey Highlights

  • Reasons We Need Education or Training: We want to move on: 79% of us are looking to learn about advanced IA topics. And most of us want some sort of credentialing: 51% seek certification or some other type of professional recognition.
  • Subject Matter: All candidate topics received interest from at least 54% of respondents. The top picks are "Tools and Techniques for IA Design" and "IA and Business Strategy," both at 73%. Entirely cynical interpretation: we want new tools/toys to play with, and some help in selling management on buying us these tools.
  • Preferred Format: Despite new delivery options, we're most comfortable with the traditional classroom style format; 59% chose it as their preferred format, while the nearest competitor logged 18%.

Detailed Survey Results

  1. Session Location: Where would you like to attend an educational or training session?

  2. Timing: What is the best time of year for an educational or training session? (choose one)

  3. Format: Which format would work best for you? (choose one)

  4. Reasons: Why do you need education or training? (check all that apply)

  5. Subject Matter: What areas would you most like education or training in? (check all that apply)

  6. Customization: How important is it that an educational or training session is customized to the particular needs of your organization?

  7. Length: How much time could you realistically devote to attending a session?

  8. Who Pays: Who will cover the costs of sending you to an educational or training session? (choose one)

  9. Cost: How much per day of education or training is a reasonable amount to pay? (in $US dollars)