Salaries and Benefits for Information Architects

January 24, 2001

The ACIA received 229 responses to this survey, which ran from January 3 through January 10, 2001.

Survey Highlights

  • Age: We're a young profession, with 44% of respondents aged 21-30, and 43% aged 31-40.
  • Salary: Annual salaries are distributed somewhat unevenly. The strongest cluster, representing 30% of respondents, earns between $70,000-$85,000. Another strong cluster is in the low $50,000s, which might represent a typical entry-level IA salary. 60% of respondents earn between $50,000 and $85,000. (All US dollars.)
  • Travel: We stay put: 83% of respondents average 20% or less of their time on the road.
  • Employment Duration: We've not worked long in our current positions: 57% of respondents have a year or less on the job, and 27% have one to two years on the job.
  • Experience: We're also new to the field: 30% of us have worked as information architects for a year or less; 27% for one to two years.
  • Company Size: Only 19% of us work for companies of 50 or fewer employees.

Detailed Survey Results

  1. Age: How old are you?

  2. Title: What is your position title? (see separate listing)

  3. Salary: During 2001, what do you estimate you'll earn as an information architect? (in US Dollars)

  4. Size of Increase: How large was your last salary increase?

  5. Timing of Increase: How long ago was your last salary increase?

  6. Work Week: How long do you work each week on average?

  7. Travel: How much do you need to be away from home to perform your work?

  8. Vacation: How long is your annual paid vacation?

  9. Holidays: How many paid holidays do you have per year?

  10. Benefits: Does your job provide any of the following benefits? (check all that apply)

  11. Employment Duration: How long have you worked at your present job?

  12. Experience: How long have you worked as an information architect? (combine time worked at your current and past positions)

  13. Company Size: How many people does your company employ?

  14. Geography: Where do you work?