Formal Educational Credentials for Information Architects

November 7, 2000

The ACIA received 202 responses to this survey, which ran from November 1 through November 7, 2000.

Survey Highlights

  • Trending Toward More Education: Today, 37% of respondents claim no formal educational credentials in IA; in 2005, this number is predicted to drop to 10%.
  • Yet No Clear Educational Path Emerges: Though 24% of IAs in 2005 will have taken some graduate-level courses in IA or related fields, most other types of credentials aren't far behind, hovering around 14-15%.

Detailed Survey Results

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a practicing information architect (based on your title or the work you do)?

  2. What is your most advanced educational credential in Information Architecture (for year 2000)?

  3. In 2005, what formal educational credential will be most common to practicing information architects?