Formal Educational Credentials for Information Architects
(November 21, 2001)
A repeat of the November 2000 survey, comparing current (2001) educational credentials with predictions for 2006 (namely, more certification and graduate level education).
Short and Long Term Outlook for Information Architects
(September 7, 2001)
We're nervous about the next year: will the market for our services shrink? But we're feeling much better looking five years out. And we're very, very confident about our personal outlooks within the field.
Learning About and Keeping Up with Information Architecture
(July 18, 2001)
We read. A lot. We visit a wide variety of web sites. And we go to a heck of a lot of conferences, though not as many as last year. A snapshot of the multi-disciplinary melange of information we use to actually be information architects is what you'll find here.
Education and Training Needs for Information Architects
(March 1, 2001)
79% of us want to learn about advanced IA topics, such as "Tools and Techniques for IA Design" and "IA and Business Strategy". And we wouldn't mind some sort of certification or other professional credentialing.
Salaries and Benefits for Information Architects
(January 24, 2001)
For a bunch of youngsters, we're compensated decently, don't put in ridiculous hours, don't have to travel too much... And apparently our employers don't require too much experience. So who wouldn't want a job as an information architect?
Formal Educational Credentials for Information Architects
(November 7, 2000)
Compares current (2000) education credentials of practicing IAs with predictions for educational levels in 2005. Conclusion: we'll be more educated, but it's not yet clear how we'll get those credentials.