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Banner Blindness: Web Searchers Often Miss "Obvious" Links. Jan Panero Benway and David M. Lane. From: ITG Newsletter. 1:3 (December 5, 1998)
This study showed that banners were ignored, even when there was no other way to access the required information. Design recommendations include being cautious when increasing the visual distinction between elements on a web page, and following the guideline to duplicate visually distinct elements in another area of the web page.

Becoming an Information Architect: Work As a Web Site Strategist. Sacha Cohen. From: Monster Technology: Tech Articles. (November 19, 1999)
An interview with Mattie Langenberg, principal of the Chicago-based Schema Studios and creative director Michael Brooks about what skills a person needs to become an information architect.

Benchmarking: A Tool for Web Site Evaluation and Improvement. Mark M. Misic and Kelsey L. Johnson. From: Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy. 9:5, 383-92 (1999)
This paper presents a case study on how benchmarking was used to determine how one web site compared to other web sites of related schools and professional organizations. It includes the process and metrics used in the study, application of the metrics used and the results found.

Best Practices for Designing Shopping Cart and Checkout Interfaces. Dack Ragu.
As the growing number of Internet users are given the opportunity to purchase more goods and services online, it is becoming increasingly important to the success of e-commerce that the online buying experience be clear, quick, and easy. This document is an attempt to identify the best practices involved in the development of two important elements of an online shopping experience: the shopping cart and the checkout process.

Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web. Gerry McKiernan.
A clearinghouse of web sites that have applied or adopted standard classification schemes or controlled vocabularies to organize or provide enhanced access to Internet resources.

Browsing: A Multidimensional Framework. Shan-Ju Chang and Ronald E. Rice. From: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. 28, 231-76 (1993)
This article summarizes various notions of browsing, which are then integrated into a multidimensional concept of browsing. It also notes several outstanding problems concerning browsing.

Building A Great Customer Experience to Develop Brand, Increase Loyalty and Grow Revenues. Mark Hurst and Emily Gellady. (1999)
This white paper tells the secrets for making web sites welcome places that encourage customers to stay and buy. It gives strategies and tactics to help build a great customer experience -- the key to online success.

Building an Intranet Portal. Joshua Walker. From: The Forrester Report. (January 1999)
Firms must build a self-service intranet portal where employees can go to find and access all internal resources. Information technology departments should spend $1.5 million over two years to jumpstart its intranet portal with content services.
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Built to Last: Sucessful Habits of Visionary Companies. James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras. (1997)
This book identifies 18 "visionary" companies and sets out to determine what's special about them. To get on the list, a company had to be world famous, have a stellar brand image, and be at least 50 years old -- such as the Disneys, the Wal-Marts, the Mercks.