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Resources relevant to a specific type of site, such as an intranet, extranet, portal or digital library.

The following resources are our top picks in this category.

Indexing and Access for Digital Libraries and the Internet: Human, Database, and Domain Factors. Marcia J. Bates. From: Journal of the American Society for Information Science (JASIS). 49:13, 1185-205 (1998)
Factors and issues regarding content indexing and access to digital resources are reviewed and implications drawn for information system design.

Metadata for a Corporate Intranet. Kelly Doran. From: Online. 23:1, 43-50 (January 1999)
This article is a case study of the Weyerhaeuser Library corporate intranet development. It involves their conception of the idea, the scope of the project, tools they used and the meta data and controlled vocabularies behind the development.

The following are also excellent resources.

Building an Intranet Portal. Joshua Walker. From: The Forrester Report. (January 1999)
Firms must build a self-service intranet portal where employees can go to find and access all internal resources. Information technology departments should spend $1.5 million over two years to jumpstart its intranet portal with content services.
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The Digital Library Tool Kit. Peter Noerr. (March 2000)
This document is designed to help those who are contemplating setting up a digital library. Whether this is a first time computerization effort or an extension of an existing library's services, there are questions to be answered, decisions to be made, and work to be done.

Federated Search of Scientific Literature. Bruce Schatz and et al. From: Computer Magazine. 51-59 (February 1999)
The Illinois Digital Library Project has developed an infrastructure for federated repositories. The deployed testbed indexes articles from many scientific journals and publishers in a production stream that can be searched as though they form a single collection.

Improving the Usability of a Corporate Internet. Donna L. Cuomo and Linda I. Borghesani. From: MITRE Technical Report. MTR 97B0000006 (1997)
This is a case study of the development of the MITRE corporate intranet. This paper describes the requirements gathering process, the redesign process, the user evaluations performed throughout the redesign process, and the lessons learned in this redesign of a large-scale web site.

Lessons Learned: Designing a Second-Generation Intranet. Kenneth J. Varnum. From: Online. 23:1, 52-57 (January 1999)
This article discusses the problems faced in the redesign of the Ford Motor Company intranet and the solutions the author discovered.

Managing Complexity in a Distributed Digital Library. Ian H. Witten and et al. From: Computer Magazine. 74-79 (February 1999)
With multiple collections, languages and media, digital libraries are becoming more difficult to maintain and develop. Researchers have developed a software architecture that deals with this complexity which dynamically handles additions of collections in different locations, manages interfaces to many collections in many languages and accommodates radically different search engines.