Last update: November 17, 2001

Communities of Information Architects

Virtual Communities

Currently there are few discussion lists dedicated to information architecture except for SIGIA-L:

  • SIGIA-L: Established by the ASIS&T Special Interest Group on Information Architecture in April 2000, SIGIA-L has emerged as the most popular discussion list dedicated to IA, sporting over 1600 subscribers. Traffic averages about 10 messages per day; available in digest form. The best archive of SIGIA-L was created by Andrew McNaughton in March 2001. More information.
  • CHI-WEB: Many IAs participate in this discussion list, sponsored by the ACM's Computer-Human Interaction SIG. More information.
  • Offers two lists which address the closely related topic of information design: InfoDesign List (low-traffic, moderated) and InfoDesign-Cafe (unmoderated). Archives of both lists are available. More information.
  • Lista de Spanish language discussion of information architecture and usability. Begun in January of 2001, Terremoto now has over 110 members. More information.
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Professional Associations

These organizations all have members who practice IA and activities of interest to IAs. Their relevant conferences are listed on the ACIA's events page (Matt Laliberte created an even better list of associations, now featured in ElegantHack).

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Physical Communities

Local IA Groups: A number of local information architecture groups have already been established:

There is a new mailing list for people who would like to share information on creating and managing local IA groups. Also please let us know about other local IA groups.

Searching for Local Groups: The following people have expressed interest in meeting with other information architects in these communities:

Let us know if you're looking for a local IA group.