Designing Effective E-Business Systems:
A Holistic Approach

Thursday, October 26, 2000
9:15 - 10:30 am
Terry Swack
Vice President of Experience Design

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The impact of design strikes at the heart of Web-based business and product strategy, and the ultimate viability of that business, product or service. If people don't find it useful, they won't use it. The reason many sites are not effective, is because they were never designed specifically to achieve that goal.

Join Terry as she shares with you a holistic view of a design process that includes:

  • Design analysis methods to benchmark effectiveness.
  • Creating "intentional user experiences" to serve user's needs and extend customer relationships.
  • Understanding the organizational impact of human-centered e-business.
Terry will bring this process to life by drawing upon her experience participating in the design of a single application to present 3M product information on the Web worldwide. She'll discuss:
  • What kinds of product information should and can be on the Web?
  • Challenges faced by the breadth of customers needing product information globally.
  • Challenges faced by the breadth of the 3M organization to provide information about more than 60,000 products globally.
  • Methods of information organization and online "merchandising" to enable customers to find the right information in any mode of use.