Bonnie Nardi

IA 2000 Session:
An Ecological Approach to Design
Thursday, October 26, 2000
1:15 - 2:30 pm

Bonnie A. Nardi is an anthropologist at AT&T Labs-Research in Menlo Park, California. She has lived and studied in Papua New Guinea and Western Samoa, and has investigated the technological habits of spreadsheet users, brain surgeons, reference librarians and American teenagers, among others. She is currently developing a software system called "ContactMap" based on her research on social networks in the workplace.

Bonnie is the author of "A Small Matter of Programming: Perspectives on End User Computing," MIT Press, 1993, and the editor of "Context and Consciousness: Activity Theory and Human-Computer Interaction," MIT Press, 1996. With Vicki O'Day, she wrote "Information Ecologies: Using Technology with Heart," MIT Press, 1999.