Structure and Function:
Information Architecture for Web Applications

Friday, October 27, 2000
1:15 - 2:30 pm
Andrea Gallagher
Customer Experience Architect

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Information architecture matured as a practice focused on the management of content-centric problems: facilitating hypertextual navigation between web sites, providing access to documents within intranets, helping people find products on e-commerce web sites.

In recent years, established businesses and start-ups have begun to develop next-generation web applications that enable users to solve problems and accomplish tasks. These web-based applications include:

  • auctions
  • supply-chain integration tools
  • business-to-business exchanges
  • planning and calendar systems
  • process-automation tools
Such sites have new kinds of users, face new information problems, and demand a different approach to information architecture.

Drawing from experience developing sites for CarStation, Fasturn, PowerSpring, and Sageo, Andrea will describe the typical issues that arise in web application development. She will present solid ways of tackling the design of basic structures and for managing the intersection of information architecture and user interface design.

Finally, Andrea will explain how to build a multi-disciplinary team capable of creating these complex sites, and discuss the role of the information architect within such a team.