past events

Acquiring Editor, Web Technologies
Application Development Manager
Assistant Director
Assistant Director of Information Architecture
Assistant Profesor
Associate Creative Director
Associate Partner
Associate Partner, Information Architecture
Associate Professor
Business Analyst
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Information Architect
Chief Strategic Officer
Cognitive Designer
Commercial Information Analyst
Component Supply Manager
Content Architect
Content Management Program Manager
Content Manager
Content Taxonomist
Coordinator for Information Services
Corporate Information Manager
Creative Director
Customer Experience Designer
Cyber Librarian
Database Coordinator
Database Manager
Database Supervisor
Design Director
Digital Strategist
Director of Information Content
Director of InterDev
Director of Library Services
Director of Operations Support
Director of Product Development
Director of Production
Director of Research
Director of San Francisco
Director of Strategy
Director of Technology
Director, Internet Development
Director, IS and Resources
Director, Product Development & Infrastructure
Director, Product Marketing
eBusiness Manager
Editor & Chief
Electronic Resource Analyst
Electronic Systems and Services Librarian
Electronic Systems Coordinator
E-Marketing Information Manager
Executive Creative Director
Executive Producer
Experience Architect
External Web Site Information Manager
General Partner
Group Creative Director
HCI Consultant
Head, Internet Services
Health Communication Analyst
Information Analyst
Information Architect
Information Architecture Director
Information Architecture Specialist
Information Asset Manager
Information Consultant
Information Designer
Information Manager
Information Officer
Information Scientist
Information Security Analyst
Information Services Director
Information Solutions Specialist
Information Specialist
Information Systems Engineer
Instructional Designer
Interface Development Manager
Internet Development Manager
Internet Manager
Internet Marketing Specialist
Intranet Project Supervisor
Intranet Site Manager
Knowledge Engineer
Knowledge Management Consultant
Knowledge Manager
Lead Designer
Lead Information Architect
Learning Products Developer
Librarian - Content Delivery
Manager, Alliance Content Strategy
Manager, Information and Process Engineering
Manager, Information Architecture
Market Intelligence Specialist
Metadata Architect
Metadata Coordinator
Planner, Web Site Communications
Practice Lead
Principal Experience Designer
Principal Information Architect
Principal Information Scientist
Principal Technical Staff
Product Manager
Program Manager
Programming Manager
Project Leader
Records Analyst
Reference Librarian
Research Analyst
Research Library Manager
Senior Account Executive
Senior Associate
Senior Consultant
Senior Designer
Senior Director
Senior Director, Information Architecture
Senior Enterprise Information Architect
Senior Information Architect
Senior Information Designer
Senior Interactive Architect
Senior Librarian
Senior Manager
Senior Manager, Corporate Intranet
Senior Research Librarian
Senior Usability Manager
Senior VP of Product Development
Senior Web Designer
Senior Writer
Site Architect
Studio Manager
Technical Information Coordinator
Technical Librarian
Technical Specialist
Technical Writer
Technology Executive
UI Designer
UI Engineer
Usability Architect
User Experience Lead
User Experience Manager
User Research Analyst
Visual Designer
VP, Development
VP, Information Architecture
VP, Product Development
Web Applications Developer
Web Communications Coordinator
Web Developer
Web Information Architect
Web Manager