Redesigning the Microsoft Corporate Intranet
Friday, October 27, 2000
9:15 - 10:30 am
Vivian Bliss
Knowledge Management Analyst
Microsoft Corporation

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This case study presents the recent redesign of MSWeb, the primary portal to the content and services of Microsoft's corporate intranet. First launched in 1995, MSWeb experienced a content explosion, growing to include more than 2 million pages by 1998 and forcing a major redesign.

In this session, Vivian describes the top-down and bottom-up methods that her Knowledge Architecture group employed over an 18 month period to develop a robust and extensible information architecture. Work products and deliverables included processes, search strategies, databases, tools, metadata schema, controlled vocabularies, and a user interface.

Vivian explains how the expertise of her team contributed to a successful rollout in December 1999, covering areas such as:

  • users' needs and information seeking behaviors,
  • interface design,
  • content,
  • technology,
  • stakeholder goals, and
  • business objectives.
Finally, she describes the creative approach her team has taken towards packaging their expertise, processes, and tools to provide assistance to other groups at Microsoft who are grappling with web site and intranet redesigns of their own.