Information Architecture Glossary

By Kat Hagedorn, Argus Associates
March 2000

This glossary is intended to foster development of a shared vocabulary within the new and rapidly evolving field of information architecture. It should serve as a valuable reference for anyone involved with or interested in the design of information architectures for web sites, intranets and other information systems.

Although this may seem obvious, we want to make it clear that the terms in this glossary are defined in relation to the field of information architecture. We have attempted to be faithful to the ordinary usage of terms to the degree possible. However, as with any specialty, some common words are used in somewhat uncommon ways within this field, and it is those meanings we have tried to capture.

Defining information architecture is an important and controversial challenge. We encourage readers to contact us with any suggestions regarding the terms and definitions in this glossary. Please direct your comments and suggestions to Kat Hagedorn ([email protected]).

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