Peter Morville is president of Semantic Studios, an information architecture and strategy consultancy. Since 1994, he has played a major role in shaping the modern practice of information architecture design.

Peter is co-author (with Louis Rosenfeld) of the best-selling book on the subject, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, named "Best Internet Book of 1998" by Amazon and "The Most Useful Book on Web Design on the Market" by usability guru Jakob Nielsen.

As chief executive officer of Argus Associates (1994-2001), Peter helped build one of the world's most respected information architecture firms, serving clients such as AT&T, Barron's, Ernst & Young, HP, IBM, L.L.Bean, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Vanguard and the Weather Channel. He has also worked with libraries, universities, nonprofits and foundations.

Peter has managed teams of project managers, information architects, interaction designers, usability engineers, content authors and software developers to construct successful web sites, intranets, portals, online communities and information services.

He holds an advanced degree in library and information science from the University of Michigan, where he now teaches a popular graduate course in information architecture.

An internationally distinguished speaker, Peter provides keynotes and seminars on such topics as user experience, knowledge management, business strategy and findability.

Peter's work has been featured in numerous publications including Business Week, Fortune, MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal.